Monday, October 24, 2011

Oaks Family Restaurant - Pipersville, PA

last week I went to lunch at Oaks Family Restaurant -Pipersville PA
there I ate:
1.bacon cheese burger sauce
3.french fries
4.and chocolate milk

my burger was yummy!
my apple sauce was delicious!
my french fries were awsome!
and my chocolate milk was the best!

They had kid friendly service because they have a kids only menu and they have a claw machine.
it looks great there there is a warm fire place that makes it feel like home.
visit their web site at: Sorry no web site for this restaurant :(


Iron Hill Brewery - North Wales, PA

Sorry about the delay... : (

so i'm filling in for two weeks! :)
two weeks ago I went to iron hill.
there I had: and chips,
2.chilled veggies with ranch dressing,
3.and(the kids meals came with ice cream with a cookie straw that you can eat!)
They have kid friendly service because they give kids Gold fish crackers! also they give kids crayons!
and it looks wonderful there!
visit their web site at

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First stop-Rosey's bbq!

wow! this week I went to Rosey's bbq in:Ambler pennsylvania.

There I ate,
1.half chicken with memphis rub (yum!)
2.mashed sweet potatoes,
3.and homemade mac and cheese.

Their chicken was really messy and really falling off it's bone!
The mashed sweet potatoes were really sweet!
And the mac and cheese was really cheesey.
by the way,There was a tv in there!

And they had kid friendly service!!(Why:the tv and plenty of napkins.)

Also there were indoor picnic tables! (sooooo fun to sit on!)
P.S.Sorry, no kids menu at this place!

My rating : 3 thumbs up, out of three!

Check out their website:


Brooke's Bites Introduction

Hi! my name is Brooke and I'm 8 years old.

I wanted to start the "Brooke's Bites" blog so that I can share my experience with kids all around the world, my reviews of restaurants that I will vist throughout the year.

Each week I will vist 1 restaurant with my parents. It could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I will rate each restaurant based on three things:
  1. Kid-friendly service
  2. How the food tastes
  3. And how the place looks
Be sure to check in each week to see where my adventures take me.