Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fireside Bar & Grille - 1211 S. Bethlehem Pike Ambler, PA 19002

I just went to Fireside Bar and Grille in Ambler, Pa. They have soooo many different kinds of food here to try! Now that’s kid-friendly restaurant, if you have an open mind.

To start off, I had a lemonade! Mmm! A good lemonade it was! Then for a side, I had a caesar salad. mm-mm-mm! Soo good! With grated Parmesaen cheese, caesar dressing, and croutons, this is my favorite kind of salad!

For my main course, I had chicken parmesan! firesideMy favorite food! It was really savory.

For dessert, I had chocolate ice cream! Yum! Perfect for the summer.

Unfortunately, my parents and I were seated near the bar… not exactly kid friendly as far as atmosphere. The hostess should have known better, and seated us in the dining room. It was very loud, and we could barely hear each other talk!

Hey Parents!

Enjoy the wide selection of drinks, and enjoy! My parents said that their meals were good.


Hey Kids!

There is a kids menu, that I didn’t look at. Try something new!

The waitress was kid-friendly, but service is a bit slow–so bring your kid with something to do.

1 thumb up out of 2 - great food and service! But maybe a better place for grown-ups.

check out their website @ www.firesidebarandgrille.com





Fireside Bar & Grille - 1211 S. Bethlehem Pike Ambler, PA 19002

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Giuseppe's Pizza - 101 Cowpath Road Lansdale, PA 19446

Ahhh… at this Italian restaurant in Lansdale, PA I got stuffed shells! Mmmmm. Perfection! I loved the creamy fresh ricotta that it was filled with! Makes my mouth water  just thinking about it! For a drink , I had lemonade. (My usual!) I liked how it wasn’t too sweet or too sour. That’s what I look for in a lemonade! Also, my parents and I had Caesar salads! Yum, my most favorite kind of salad. With the Cesar dressing, yummy croutons, and grated parmesan cheese, you can’t go wrong! This place has lots of neat pizzeria or Italian themed decorations. It’s very welcoming and kid friendly!

Hey parents!

What great food! But, let me just tell you, come here when you’re really hungry! There is tons of garlic bread!

Hey kids!

I’m not sure if there’s a kid’s menu or not, but try new things!

What a kid friendly place. I love the enthusiastic staff, and delectable food. I’d definitely come here again.

Two thumbs up!  For the reasons above!

find the website for Giuseppe’s at : www.orderstart.com/Giuseppe’s pizza



Giuseppe's Pizza - 101 Cowpath Road Lansdale, PA 19446

Friday, July 12, 2013

Kid Friendly Joke!

Hey! Here’s a kid friendly joke to make you laugh!

How do you make an apple puff?

Chase it around the garden!

Ha ha ha! And That’s a reminder to stay fit this summer.




Kid Friendly Joke!