Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bertucci's in Montgomeryville, PA

Wow! I just went to Bertucci's in Montgomeryville, PA
There I ate:
1.Focaccia grilled cheese sandwitch for kids,(with tomato sauce as well)
3.and rolls that I dipped in olive oil.
The Focaccia grilled cheese sandwitch was "The best!" because it was so cheesey, and the tomato sauce made it have more flavor:) The salad was delicious because of the yummy italien salad dressing on it. And the rolls were nice and warm, and tasted great dipped in the olive oil.
Bertucci's (the resturaunt) looks great because it's clean and there's a friendly enviorment.They have kid friendly service because:
1.There is a kids menu,
2.And kids get dough to make a shape or two.(P.S. a waitress will come to your table and cook your child's creation.)

I recommend Bertucci's for kids!
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stay tuned for my next post;)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Smoke Daddy's Barbecue - Lansdale, PA

The picture says it all! Do you want to know were I got it? I'll tell you. I got it at Smoke Daddy's Barbecue in Lansdale,PA. The place looks great! they have a HUGE somker and it's outdoors! I think he said it was 10 feet long...Plus, I ordered a half chicken! It tasted very chickeney!(very yummy!) It was very juicey and had a nice smokey flavor.

They have kid friendly service because,The guy in charge there is really nice and he even talks to the kids!:)

My parents got the st louis ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket. They had big smiles on their faces too!

P.S.Just so you know Smoke Daddy's Barbecue is a take out only restaurant.
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