Sunday, June 24, 2012

IHOP@ blue bell PA

Wow! I just went to IHOP @ blue bell PA!!!
there I ate:
1) Orange juice it was fresh and a little tart.
2) The kid's create a face pancake it's strawberry yogurt hair made it complete.
3) A side of bacon........... crunchy the way I like it.
there it looks like a diner from the 90s and today smooshed together!
IHOP has kid  friendly service because there's a kids menu!
vist the website @:

Tiger twos resturaunt@Blue bell PA

Wow!!!! I just to Tiger twos resturaunt @ Blue bell PA!!!
There I ate:
1) Apple bread french toast with maple syrup the syrup gave it some more sugar YUM!
2) Milk it was very fresh!!!!!
3) A side of BACON it was nice and crunchy!!!
There's a lot of old black and white pictures there. It may look small on the outside BUT it's big on the inside! There IS kid friendly service because the waitresses are nice to kids!
visit the website at: sorry no website for this one.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obadiah's resturaunt@OceancityNJ

Hi from Ocean City!!!!! I just went to Obadiah's resturaunt@Ocean city NJ!!!
There I ate:
1) Water with a lemon yummy....
2) Lobster bisque soup, (yum it had BIG chunks of lobster in it!!!)
3) A clam dip with crackers salty but still good.
4) Fried shrimp just like coconut shrimp.
There it looks like a place were guys would like to park their boats and stop for a chomp! There is kid friendly service because there's a kids menu and the people there are nice to kids. visit the website
PS. there's a jukebox and arcade games!(2 arcade games)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

La Campagnola - Lansdale, PA

Wow! I just went to La Campagnola Italian resturaunt @ Landsdale PA.
There I ate:
1) Water, cold and fresh
2) Rolls they came with garlic sauce BUT I ate them without.
3) Salad O.k. now I have to be Frank with you..... there are onions in the salad and it took me about an hour to get the onion taste out of my mouth!?!
4) Fresh tomatos with baisil and motzerella cheese!!!
5) Chicken parmesean!!!!!! my favorite food in the world!!!!
There IS kid friendly service because there's a kids menu!
There it looks like an Italian resturaunt (Of corse)
2 thumbs up out of 2!
Visit the website @

Monday, June 11, 2012

American star diner@ lansdale PA

Wow!!!!!! I just went to American star diner @ lansdale PA!!!!!
There I ate/drank:
1) Milk.....FRESH like it was just made.
2) Chicken with rice soup..... The chicken was well done like the rice.
3) Cheese burger it's a real homeade burger!
4) French Fries With a hint of salt
5) Sliced dill pickles not way too salty like FAKE pickles.
6) A fresh roll with butter like I said fresh x 2!!!!!
There it looks like a colorful and comfortible place!
There IS kid friendly service because there's a claw machine and a kids menu!!!!
PLUS there's a soup & salad bar!!!!!!!!!!!! and a big dessert display!!!!!!
This place deserves 2 thumbs up out of 2!!!!
visit the website @:
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