Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zachary's BBQ - 1709 Markley Street Norristown, Pa 19401

Zacharys BBQOne day, my parents and I were out and about looking for a good place to eat. When suddenly, my Mom suggested a restaurant called Zachary’s BBQ that we had always driven past, not knowing anything about it, on our way to the King of Prussia Mall. I’m a Kid Friendly BBQ fanatic and was elated that we parked in front of this new BBQ stop. As we entered Zachary’s BBQ, my Mom grabbed a menu, and we all timidly looked at the broad selection. I wisely chose a ‘Pulled BBQ Sandwich – choice of pulled chicken or pulled pork (I chose pulled pork) topped with kiss’n vinegar and mild sauce on a soft roll.’ I also ordered their delicious and unique baked beans (aka.BBQ baked beans) ; which had pineapple in with the beans and sweet sauce! And to wash it all down, I had water for a drink. The staff at Zachary’s are very kind and neat. There is a TV in the restaurant that plays jazz music, and you are allowed to sample ANY hot foods before you order! Talk about kid friendly! There are also a variety of sauces to help top your dishes if needed.

Hey Parents! honestly, this is some of the BEST BBQ I’ve ever had. Take your kids here so they can sample and chow down on wonderful BBQ.

Hey Kids! Curious on the dish I ate or other dishes? Then try some samples and order the best one you tried here! Enjoy!

Fact: At Zachary’s BBQ, they smoke their meats THERE!!! So nothing is fake or old!

visit their website @:

I rate this place 2 thumbs up out of 2 for the kid friendly service, food, and atmosphere. Guys, I really suggest coming here for the best Kid Friendly BBQ you’ve ever tasted.


Hope you’ll try this place out!


Zachary's BBQ - 1709 Markley Street Norristown, Pa 19401

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Silk City Diner - 435 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA 19123

silk city dinerWow! I just went to the Kid-Friendly Silk City Diner, and boy, was the food delicious! I devoured the delectable Huevos Rancheros, which consists of: savory black beans, ranchero sauce, guacamole, queso fresco(cheese), sour cream, pico de gallo, and two sunny-side up eggs on a crisp corn tortilla. There is also lettuce and chives used to compliment this dish. and if you’re curious, there is an option to get house-made chorizo on your creation (spicy sausage that’s not too spicy). For a drink, I gulped down one of my favorites, tomato juice. I would consider this a Mexican Food Brunch.

Hey kids! I just want to let you know, there is NO kid’s menu. But, there are many delicious foods on the menu that I think will make you smile.

Hey Parents! There’s a great environment for the whole family, and there’s a bar too! If your kid can’t decide on what to order, help them out, there’s a nice sized menu to choose dishes from!

The restaurant has a cool retro look that really compliments the place. In the summer or spring, there is outdoor dining.

Overall, the food is delicious, the environment is kid friendly, the d├ęcor looks wonderful, and the staff are nice.

That means, two thumbs up out of two for my kid friendly restaurant reasons above.

visit the Silk City Diner’s website at:

Try it out sometime!

If you’re visiting the Philadelphia Flea Market like my parents and I were, ( ) this restaurant is a great place to come, because it’s close and delicious.




Silk City Diner - 435 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA 19123