Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Support your local Girl Scouts

Hi everyone! I just wanted to remind you to support your local girl  scouts during cookie season!

The Girl Scouts are a fantastic Kid Friendly Activity!

brownie resizeThanks!



Support your local Girl Scouts

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Original Turkey - Philadelphia Auto Show 2013 Edition

original turkeyI went to the Philadelphia Auto Show yesterday with my parents to see a bunch of cool cars. We decided to stop at Reading Terminal Market for a bite to eat at The Original Turkey. I had the one side platter, which was delicious turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. I also can’t forget the sweet, tart, cranberry sauce!!! For a drink I had lemonade… sweet sweet lemonade.


(My meal looked like this minus the corn)

It was not a sit down restaurant, I don’t know if they have a kid’s menu, and there isn’t much to see at this restaurant. You have to walk around to find a place to sit. Reading Terminal Market is a super busy place!

Kids: Be Patient. We had to do like 4 laps around the seating area to find a place to sit to eat our lunch. Not fun!

Parents: Be prepared for cranky kids if you can’t find a place to sit fast.

If you want to see what they have before you go, check out their website @:

Although not really a Kid Friendly place when busy, I did see a lot of kids there.




The Original Turkey - Philadelphia Auto Show 2013 Edition

Monday, January 21, 2013

PF Changs - 721 Easton Road Warrington, PA 18976

Check out my latest Kid Friendly Restaurant visit.

Wow! I just went to PF Changs for Lunch! I had Won Ton soup. This was no ordinary Won Ton soup, it had lots of things I love. Such as, water chestnuts, chicken, dumplings, shrimp, and more scrumptious things!

pf changs

For a main course I had shrimp lo mein. It was a bit messy, but hey, it was worth it! I savored the sauce, shrimp, and noodles! To wash down my wondrous meal, I had sweet lemonade.

This place has chinese themed decorations, which make it nice and cultural.

Hey Parents! PF Changs is a nice place for you and kid or kids!

Hey Kids! I did not order from the kids menu. Try new things! The waitresses are really nice. enjoy!

This place gets 2 thumbs up. I have enjoyed it for a while. I love their food, just haven’t shared it through my blog until now. I feel they also provided Kid Friendly Service. If you order from the kid’s menu, they give you wiki sticks to play with while you wait for your meal.




PF Changs - 721 Easton Road Warrington, PA 18976

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cho Cho San Sushi Bar - 981 North Wales Rd. North Wales PA 19454

My recent Kid Friendly Restaurant Review in North Wales, PA.

Get heading to Cho Cho San! I think you will like this place! Of course I had sushi. I had about 10 California rolls! Yum! They were the Bomb!

cho cho san

They give you a lot, but who doesn’t like sushi leftovers? Along with that I had shrimp tempura! Crunchy and scrumptious! For a side with my sushi I had house salad and miso soup! Yum, savory appetizers. For a drink I had orange juice. mmmmm!

Cho Cho San is a Japanese-themed restaurant. It is nice and quiet and has a fish tank near the back of the restaurant. When you sit down they give you nice steamy towels to dab your hands with.

Hey Parents! Cho Cho San is the place to go for guys/girls night out! The waitress was not entirely kid friendly. But still nice.

Hey kids! There is NO kid’s menu. I encourage you to try sushi early in your life so you will like more than chicken nuggets.

Rating: 1 thumb up out of 2.

The reason for my rating is that this is more of a grownup place AND no kid’s menu. I enjoyed it, but some of my fans may not.

visit the website @:




Cho Cho San Sushi Bar - 981 North Wales Rd. North Wales PA 19454

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Smoke Rack Barbeque and Grille - 410 Walnut Street Landsdale, PA 19446

Another Kid Friendly Restaurant Review in Lansdale, PA

Get your barbeque on and get to Smoke Rack bbq! Yummm!!! I had the sandwich special! Which happened to have pulled pork, and mac and cheese, all on a roll. The pulled pork was so tasty once I drizzled bbq sauce on top! Then the mac and cheese was soooo good! I know cheese and pork don’t sound like they go together, but they do! For a side I had their homemade corn bread. You HAVE to try it! With the thought of it being homemade, and the sweet taste, it is sure to please. To wash it all down, I had a popular drink for myself, lemonade!

This place has a pig statue when you walk in. It is small inside, so be sure to get there early to get a good seat. There’s a tv and a counter. The waitress was really nice and welcoming! And the OWNER greeted us and also said goodbye to us. Definetly kid friendly with great service!!

Hey Parents! The adult menu is huge! And this place is safe for kids too. My parents said that is was the best BBQ that they have had in a very long time. They got the Sampler.

Hey kids! The kid’s menu only has 2 things on it. Only chicken tenders, or grilled cheese with fries. I did not order from that menu. Be open-minded! Try new things!

You definitely want to check this place out. I know that I will be back there again!

Check out their website too:




Smoke Rack Barbeque and Grille - 410 Walnut Street Landsdale, PA 19446