Monday, March 17, 2014

Dalessandro's Steaks & Hoagies - 600 Wendover St. Philadelphia, PA 19128

I recently went to the famous Dalessandro’s Steaks and Hoagies in Philadelphia, PA to discover a crazy delicious kid friendly cheesesteak! the place was PACKED! But, that’s a good thing because it meant the food was delicious.(it was! :) )to be exact, I had a pizza steakdalessandros steak, The meat was chopped into small pieces, but it seemed to taste better. It had sharp provolone cheese stirred in with the meat, so don’t say, “Ahh! They forgot the cheese on my pizza steak! To top it off, this savory pizza steak had smooth tomato sauce on top. Lastly, to drink, I had Calypso natural lemonade.It was a bit  tart, but the BEST lemonade I’ve ever had. calypsodalesandro'sDalessandro’s is a famous restaurant where some celebrities have been while they were in Philadelphia,(Jimmy Fallon, etc.) I can see why they enjoyed it so much! Dalessandro’s is small, but don’t let the size fool you! I would suggest getting take out because seats are usually filled inside. The line is normally long, so it requires a wee bit of patience for your delicious kid friendly food to come. It IS worth the wait though! :) The staff are kind and always up on their feet.

Hey kids! There is no kids menu, but I’m sure that you will find their cheesesteaks are very kid friendly and delicious.

Hey Parents! Make sure you hold onto your kids tight. This place usually is packed and waiting takes a bit of time. But, it’s all worth it in the end! I noticed that parking was tough. So be prepared.

I rate this place 2+ thumbs up out of 2. The staff and food are very kid friendly!

visit their website at:

Note: There is a smoking area outside, so please be mindful if you see kids around, or are with kids, and don’t smoke to keep Dalessandro’s environment kid friendly and clean. :)



Dalessandro's Steaks & Hoagies - 600 Wendover St. Philadelphia, PA 19128

Sunday, March 9, 2014

SaiGon 2 Vietnamese Restaurant - 1250 Bethlehem Pike Hatfield, PA 19440

In an attempt to experience more kid friendly Vietnamese food I went to Sai Gon 2 in Hatfield, PA… let’s just say my experience could have been much better. First, when we got there there was no one to greet us because the front desk was really the BACK desk. So, we seated ourselves. After finally getting a menu, we looked through and decided on what we wanted to get. After about a half hour of waiting, a lady came to take our orders. We told her what we wanted, she collected our menus and headed into the kitchen.She came back with our drinks first. I ordered green tea bubble, and my mom ordered a mixture of orange and pinapple juice. First off, the green tea bubble was terrible. The green tea part tasted like ground up matcha green tea pocky.pockypic (shown to the right) Otherwise, the orange and pineapple juice blend was ok. Approximately a half hour later, our waitress returned with my parent’s Pho only, and left. “You can start eating guys,” I said but my parents were kind enough to wait for my meal. : ) 5 or more minutes later, my meal, which was Shrimp stir fried with vegetables was placed on the table. saigon picAgain, our waitress left quickly which was odd because the restaurant was not crowded at all. My shrimp was a bit spicy, but I enjoyed that. But, the tails were still on my shrimp so I had to eat the meat and leave the tails on my plate. The vegetables were delicious, and my meal came with a cute carrot shaped like a flower. Also, there was a plate of sticky rice on the side, which I find very delicious. Half way through our meal, the people who were sitting behind us-their baby started crying. The baby cried until a little bit before we left. Slow service means unhappy kids! My Dad was not a fan of the Pho. It was too salty. This place has tv’s, but they play the news. They  have few decorations, but posters of food they sell. It doesn’t really have a restaurant feel.

Hey Kids!

There is no kid’s menu, and with the slow service… not a kid friendly place!

Hey Parents!

This is NOT a place that you want to take your kids. Sure they have tv’s and good food, but the service is horrible.

This place DESERVES 1/2 a thumb up out of two. The food was ok, it was clean, but the service was terrible. They never checked on us to see if we enjoyed our meals, OR worse yet, never refilled our waters.

They don’t have a website but you can visit their Facebook Page at:

I found myself disappointed, which is why my review is the way it is. My parents also said that for the price, it should have been comparable to the others we have visited. Not the case.


SaiGon 2 Vietnamese Restaurant - 1250 Bethlehem Pike Hatfield, PA 19440

Monday, March 3, 2014

Jay's Crab Shack - 737B Asbury Avenue Ocean City, NJ 08226

Yum! I just went to Jay’s Crab Shack in Ocean City, NJ for some Kid Friendly Seafood. My family and I took a road trip for a change of scenery from this cold Northeast Winter and trying to find a kid friendly place to eat while we were out and about in OC for the day. After taking a nice stroll on the boardwalk,  we stumbled across Jay’s Crab Shack on our way out of town. I had the Grilled Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Sandwich. Jays Crab ShackSince we were in OC, the crab was fresh and delicious! It also came with Delicious crab fries. My parents and I all got this, but only I had water to wash it down. This place is really ocean-side decorated! (surfboards exc.) That makes it kid friendly along with the peppy staff. You also can enjoy watching surfing videos on the big screen tv’s to help sway your mind from the cold weather.

Special Note: Jay’s Crab Shack takes their Crab Cakes very seriously. So much to the point where you can order them online. Yep! They’re that good!

Hey kids! The food is delicious, and the kid’s menu looks really neat even though I didn’t order off of it. Either way, I’m sure that you will be very satisfied when you come here.

Hey Parents! Yum! You guys should try this place out! Also, there are tons of drinks (non alcoholic) for you to choose from. I would recommend the sandwich that I got, it’s very satisfying!

This place really deserves two thumbs up out of two for the kid friendly service, kid friendly food, and kid friendly appearance. If you happen to get the chance to stop in there, you won’t be disappointed.

Visit their website at:


I invented a new kind of crab fries–crabby fries! Just simply order the sandwich I got (It includes crab fries) and while you eat it, some of the crab cake is likely to break off. After your sandwich is finished, take one piece of crab and put it on a crab fry. Eat, and enjoy! Repeat until finished. Lastly, you may put ketchup on your fries with the crab if you wish.



Jay's Crab Shack - 737B Asbury Avenue Ocean City, NJ 08226