Monday, July 21, 2014

Seasons 52 Fresh Grill - 160 N Gulph Road King of Prussia,PA 19406

Delicious Kid Friendly Restaurant found! I recently went to Seasons 52 in King of Prussia, PA and had a delectable meal for my Mom’s birthday. My grandmother came along as well. They are known for seasonally inspired ingredients at their peak of freshness. This day happened to be the first day of their Summer Menu, and the vegetables offered on the dishes are best for the Summer Season, like tomatoes, sweet corn, and snap peas. For an appetizer, I had succulent, to die for crab and cheese stuffed mushrooms. Also, my grandma and I shared a fresh shrimp cocktail, and I tried a slice of the delicious asparagus and gruyere cheese flatbread that my parents had ordered My dinner choice was a  savory shrimp pasta with mixed, seasonal, locally grown vegetables over a bed of pasta. Seasons 52And if you thought things couldn’t get more delicious, we had toothsome, adorable desserts! I ordered two. A Belgian S’more, with a chocolate coated graham cracker and a chocolate dusted marshmallow on top. It had chocolatey pudding as far as the eye can see below the toppings! My second one was a carrot cake dessert. On top was a sweet, candied carrot and below it was layers of delicious carrot cake and sweet cinnamon cream cheese. Oh! they were delicious, to die for, kid friendly desserts! I had water to wash it all down.

Inside, It was classy, but modern, and it had dimmed lights, to give the restaurant a fancy feel. We sat right next to the kitchen! (that’s where a blogger deserves to sit) We could watch them make our delectable dishes from our seats! Our waitress was always on her feet, and always smiling. Talk about kid friendly service! :)

Hey Parents!

This place is fancy, delicious, but pricey. I suggest coming here on special occasions! Anyways, whenever you visit, Bon Appetite!

Hey kids!

There is no kids menu, But I’m sure you’ll find a delicious kid friendly meal on the menu that you’ll enjoy! Make sure that you get dessert!!

Fun Fact: Every dish here is under 500 calories!

I rate this place 2 thumbs up out of 2 for the superb, quick service, the delicious kid friendly food, and the kid friendly environment.

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Seasons 52 Fresh Grill - 160 N Gulph Road King of Prussia,PA 19406

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